How does your real estate agent manage the keys?

Keyless entry

Raixer combines the best IoT software and hardware so that you can obtain real-time information about what is happening in your real estate assets from the first moment. Control access to your property remotely and increase the liquidity of your business. 

The autonomous Hub

Raixer Smart lock connects your doors to the internet and allows you to open it from anywhere. It adapts to the electrical system of your intercom or door lock.

You don’t even need the WiFi.

Visitas autónomas
API Cerradura inteligente

The API that sells really fast

The API Raixer is documented and updated by our engineers. You can deploy integrations with your software in a matter of days.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks (creating temporary users, groups or authorizations).

Add a sensor you need

Connect a sound sensor or an opened/closed one to the Raixer device. Receive real-time notifications.

You will have absolute control of what happens inside the property.

Sensores de Cerradura inteligente Raixer

What do you need to do?

Buy the lock

Buy the Raixer hardware and connect your doors to the device.

Add sensors

Add the sensors you need to know what is happening inside the house.

Use the API

Use the Raixer API to integrate the software you use to manage your portfolio or control panel.

Authorize access

Authorize or revoke access permissions for your staff or clients to different buildings.

With Raixer you can

Cerradura electrónica para oficinas y coworking

Allow autonomous business visits

Authorize users interested in acquiring your asset to visit it autonomously. They just need their mobile.

Accesos Real Estate

Authorize permissions for your employees

Keep a comprehensive record of who, when and how they access your buildings and spaces.

Expandir coworking

Expand to other cities and countries

The Raixer locksmiths network allows you to install the system in your new location. Check our directory.

Advantages of using Raixer

Autonomous. Even without WiFi

Connect any door to the internet without WiFi.

Hardware 100% compatible

Compatible with any intercom and electric opening or closing system.

Sensors to control your space

Receive notifications when there are anomalous events.

Corporate support and SLA

Count on us to resolve incidents during development and production.

Streamline your business

Allow your clients to visit the property autonomously whenever they want it

Save money on key copies

Open from your mobile or integrate the platform into your own software.

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be of service. Please do not hesitate to contact us!