Raixer Smart Lock for tourist apartments

Autonomous arrival of your guests

Install Raixer Smart Lock in your tourist apartment and reduce costs, speed up the check-in process and improve evaluations of your accommodation. Organize the autonomous arrival of your guests in less than 1 minute. What about the travelers’ register? Do not worry. It is covered.

Access management

Raixer Smart Lock connects the intercom and the main door to the internet that allows you to control accesses with a smartphone. 

Your guests will be able to arrive autonomously. Even if they don’t have the internet or don’t have a local SIM card.

Visitas autónomas

Travellers' Register

Share a link with your guests so that they can complete the booking information electronically. We will encrypt your data and send it to the police. Raixer will organize the autonomous arrival of your clients.

Your guests will be able to enter easily. Moreover, you will have the logbook.

PMS Integration

Connect your PMS and link each Airbnb property with your smart lock. Every time you receive a reservation, the Raixer Smart Lock will organize the autonomous arrival of your clients and the PMS will send the instructions to your guests.

You won’t even have to open the app. It will take zero minutes to prepare your check-in.

Organize the autonomous arrival of your guests in 1 minute

Buy the lock

Buy Raixer Smart Lock and install it following the instructions that you can find on our web or hire a locksmith in your city. We recommend that you check our directory.

Confirm a reservation

Pair your devices with your PMS announcements or complete the information that the police ask about your accommodation.

Don't have PMS system?

1. Upload the reservation info into the app. 2. Share the link with them to complete their data. We will send it to the police. 3. We will automatically prepare the autonomous arrival.

If you have a PMS system

Nothing else. When we receive the reservation, we will prepare the lock for guests to enter your Airbnb without keys.

Advantages of using Raixer

Quick Install

The installation is done inside the house without changing the lock cylinder.

Autonomous arrival

Guests do not need to download the app to open the door.

Access control

Cleaning and maintenance workers can use the app for free.

Legal Requirements

Recognition of official documents from abroad (ID cards, passports, electronic signature).We automatically send it to the Police.

Easy check-in

The arrival instructions fit you in a tweet: "Ring to the door bell and make a missed call from your number. The door is opened!"

Seamless Integration

The smart lock that is able to support interface and integration with PMS System to create a complete hotel operation managing solution.


There are no hidden costs. You pay for the services you are really going to use. The software license covers all system costs continuously and predictably.

We will not make you pay to update the system, nor to access technical support – very common costs of old alternatives.

Recurring subscription is much cheaper than the monthly or annual costs associated with maintaining other outdated systems.


Raixer Mini for € 9.99 per month per apartment or Raixer Pro for € 14.99 per month per apartment:
– Unlimited openings
– Phone numbers associated with each door you connect to Raixer
– 3G rate (Raixer Pro or Raixer 12V only)
– Updated software
– Telephone support

Add the traveler registration or private number for € 2.99 per month per apartment.

Add integration with your PMS for € 4.99 per month per apartment.

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be of service. Please do not hesitate to contact us!