Cerradura Electrónica RaixerCerradura inteligente Raixer 12VFuncionamiento_AutoAccess_Raixer ProInstalación Raixer 12VCerradura Electrónica 3G Access
Cerradura inteligente Raixer 12V
Cerradura Electrónica Raixer
Cerradura inteligente Raixer 12V
Funcionamiento_AutoAccess_Raixer Pro
Instalación Raixer 12V
Cerradura Electrónica 3G Access

Raixer 12V


Raixer 12V connects up to three doors to the internet.

Unlock doors remotely and control access with a smartphone. You can check who, when and how has opened the door.

3G internet connection.


Up to three doors

Installation inside the house

Integrated noise sensor

Integrated opened/closed sensor (optional)


SSL3 encryption

You also can use the physical keys to lock the door

Separate power supply for electric door openers


Open with the app, with the missed call or use the Auto access

Over-The-Air firmware updates

Requires 2.4Ghz WiFi

Made in Spain 🇪🇺

All Raixer equipment is assembled in Spain. The platform’s servers are in Europe. Moreover, we encrypt communications between the app, the hardware and the servers using military encryption techniques, SSL 3.


Ring the doorbell

With the Auto Access or ring to open function you define from your mobile a time slot in which the intercom will open after pressing the doorbell.

Your users don’t need internet or phone.

You can allow access to the common areas of the building with zero friction for your users.


Missed call

Authorize the phone numbers of your users to open the door with a missed call. Revoke your access whenever you want.

The ideal compromise between ease of opening – your users only have to dial a number on their mobile phone – and security – only those phones that you authorize will be able to open.

Your guests can open without installing apps. Yes, even with a Nokia 3310.


Use the app

Manage accesses for recurring users, such as maintenance or cleaning workers or employees.

Get the highest degree of control of your users using roles.

Open the intercom and the front door remotely. From the office. Or from the Bahamas.

Installation. Raixer 12V

To install Raixer 12V you have to have basic electrical knowledge. You must identify the mass, the sensor and the pins of the opening button in the terminal strip of the intercom. If you also want to manage access to your house (the front door), you will need to pre-install an electric lock.

Instalación Raixer Pro

Requirements to install Raixer 12V

  • The light point less than 1.5 meters from Raixer 12V. If your plug is further away, you can either take one out of the register (it is usually near the intercom).
  • To open entrance door you need to have an intercom with the button or buy the Raixer accessory.
  • If you want to open the front door, an electric strike or electric lock.
  • An active Raixer 12V subscription.


If you prefer to hire someone to install it, you can check our directory of locksmiths.


Raixer 12V connects to the intercom and it is compatible with any intercom or video door phone that has a physical button to open. If your video door phone is only a touch screen, you can use the Raixer accessory.

Do you have any questions? Write us on WhatsApp.


To open it

Raixer 12V connects to an electric strike or electric lock to open the front door. The electric strike is a standard locksmith piece. It is installed in the frame of the front door. 

If there is enough space in the frame of the door of the house to insert an electric strike or electric lock between the bolts and the slip, then you can connect it to the relay outputs of Intercom and open the door with the device.

To close it

A Raixer 12V device can control an electric piston or bolt. In this way, you can control not only the opening but also the closing and stop using physical keys.

The piston or bolt is a standard locksmith piece that locks the door. It has two parts: one that is drilled in the door frame and the other, which is installed on the door leaf.

The cylinder will remain intact after installing the electric strike and / or the piston. However, please note that if you double-lock, you will not be able to open the door using Raixer 12V.

The Raixer 12V kit does not include this detail. You can buy it in any store or ask for it your locksmith.


To use your Raixer Pro device you need to have an active subscription. The subscription includes:

  1. A phone number associated with each door to which you connect Raixer devices.
  2. 3G internet.
  3. Unlimited users.
  4. Telephone support. If you have any incident with Raixer, we offer you a phone number to call. Normally, we resolve the incident in that same call.
  5. Frequent app updates. The Raixer development team releases app updates every two weeks.


 Monthly paymentAnnual payment
Raixer 12V14,99€149,99€
Unlimited authorized numbers+2,99€+29,99€
Register of travelers†+2,99€+29,99€
Integration with Guesty+4,99€+49,99€

† Soon


Do I have to pay the subscription if I want to use Raixer devices or is there any way to make it free?
If you want to use Raixer devices, you need to have an active subscription for each one of them. Therefore, there is no way that the software license (app) or the phone numbers associated with the doors are free.
If I want to install 2 Raixer devices, how many subscriptions do I have to have?
Each device needs an active subscription. So if you need 2 Raixer devices, you will need 2 active subscriptions.
Is there a trial period?
Yes. All Raixer devices include a 7-day free trial period.
When do I pay the subscription?
You will not pay the subscription until you have your device running. Today you will only buy the hardware. If you have chosen the monthly subscription, we will pass the following charge 30 days after making the first. If you have chosen the annual subscription, we will pass the following charge 365 days after the first.
Can I cancel the subscription at any time?
Yes. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time. The service will continue until the end of the remaining days. For example, if you unsubscribe on the 10th, you will have service for another 20 days. On the 31st you will stop being subscribed and you will not have service.