Auto access

Open doors with auto access

Raixer Smart Lock allows you to open doors automatically. Users don’t need the app, nor internet, nor phone. This is the best option for the intercom.

Requirements to open doors automatically

Schedule time slots and whenever someone rings the door bell, your Raixer will send signals to your intercom and open the door. 

Esquema instalación Raixer Mini

How to open doors with Raixer?

  1. Connect Raixer Mini or Raixer Pro to the intercom as shown in the image above.
  2. Configure the device as indicated in the app.
  3. Schedule the time slot in which you want the door to open when the doorbell rings.
  4. Let Raixer’s magic work!

Frequently asked questions
about Auto access

Yes, you schedule Auto access to open in advance. For example, the door opens automatically between 5 and 7 pm next Tuesday.

Yes. Administrators can set Auto access to be always on.

Yes. Administrators can set a minimum ring time for Raixer to open the door automatically. 

Contingency Mode activates an Auto access session when the device loses the WiFi connection.

Yes. Administrators can set a maximum number of automatic openings in each session. 

Do you have any questions?

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