How does
the Raixer Smart Lock work?

Open doors remotely

Raixer Smart lock allows you to connect any door to the internet. Connect your device to the intercom or to the electric lock and open doors remotely wherever you need it.

Ring the doorbell

The first option is to schedule time slots and whenever someone rings the doorbell, your Raixer will open the door. Users don’t need the app, or internet, not even the phone. This is the best option for the intercom.

Missed call

Assign a phone number to your users and let them open the door with a missed call. They don’t need an app, nor the internet. This is the best option to open the door at the entrance of the building as well as your house main door.

Use the app

Allow other users to open the door using our app. This is the best option for maintenance personnel or long-term guests, or even to open the door remotely at the moment when your guests arrive.

What do you need for the installation?

Instalación de Raixer

No approval

Raixer is installed inside the house, so there is no need to ask for permission.

Instalación de Raixer

light point

To install the Raixer Smart Lock it is necessary to have close a light point.


It is necessary to have WiFI connection, but if you don't have it, buy Raixer Pro.

Wiring diagram

The best way to get an idea of how it works is to see the wiring diagram.

Esquema instalación Raixer Mini

Open the entrance to a building

It is the simplest installation. Just connect your Raixer device to the intercom following the wiring diagram of the product. You will find it in the box when the order arrives.

Open the front door

To open your front door with Raixer it is neccessary to electrify the access using electric locking system. It is a standard piece that you can find in any hardware store.

What electric door locks can you use?

Abrepuertas eléctricos

Electric strikes

The electric strike is the part that buzzes in the entrance door when you press the open button on the intercom. You will have to insert one in the frame of the door of the house or office. It serves to open the door.

Pistones eléctricos

Electric pistons

Electric pistons are electric locks that are placed on the surface. It consists of two pieces, one is drilled in the frame and the other in the door leaf. It serves to close the door. You will need Raixer Pro to manage it.

How to connect Raixer to the internet?

  1. Plug the adapter into the power socket.
  2. Connect the micro USB cable to the Raixer device. The light will blink blue. If not, press the button on the device with a pen.
  3. Install the Raixer app on your mobile.
  4. Open the app and click “Add”.
  5. Exit the app and choose the new Wi-Fi network that Raixer has created in the settings of your mobile. It is called Raixer-XXXX.
  6. Go back to the Raixer app and press “Start setup”. Choose the home’s Wi-Fi network, enter the password and click “Connect”.
  7. Raixer’s light will blink slowly in turquoise blue. The device is connected to the internet!

Do you have any questions?

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