Raixer Mini

Credit card-sized Smart Lock

Raixer Mini connects up to two doors to the internet and allows you to unlock doors remotely and control access with a smartphone. Check who, when and how has opened the door.

List of requirements

To connect Raixer Mini
to the intercom you need:

  • Raixer Mini and cables included in the kit.
  • WiFi connection.
  • Light point.
  • Multimeter.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Scissors.
  • Cable stapler.

To connect Raixer Mini
to the front door you need:

  • An electric lock or door opener without memory.
  • 12V power supply.
  • Chisel and hammer.


Does the ring doorbell work?

Check that the doorbell is really ringing.

Does it open the door?

Check that your intercom opens the door when you press the open button.

Does the cable is long enough?

Check that the microUSB cable is long enough to reach the terminals of the plug socket where you are going to install Raixer Mini.

How to connect Raixer to the internet?

  1. Plug the adapter into the power socket.
  2. Connect the micro USB cable to the Raixer device. The light will blink blue. If not, press the button on the device with a pen.
  3. Install the Raixer app on your mobile.
  4. Open the app and click “Add”.
  5. Exit the app and choose the new Wi-Fi network that Raixer has created in the settings of your mobile. It is called Raixer-XXXX.
  6. Go back to the Raixer app and press “Start setup”. Choose the home’s Wi-Fi network, enter the password and click “Connect”.
  7. Raixer’s light will blink slowly in turquoise blue. The device is connected to the internet.

How to connect Raixer Mini to the intercom?

  • Raixer Mini has five outlets on each side. Each bay (P1, P2) are independent, so you can use them to manage two different doors. Here is a wiring diagram.
  • Pin 1: GND, grand
  • Pin 2: Sensor
  • Pin 3: NO or normally open
  • Pin 4: COM or common
  • Pin 5: NC or normally closed
  • Use P1 and P2 to detect a voltage variation when ringing the bell.
  • Use P3 y P4 to close the circuit and press the button on the intercom.
  • If you are going to connect it to the electric lock, use P3 and P4 on the free side to close the electric lock circuit.
  • Remove the intercom cover and locate the terminal strip. Look at the picture below and you will find a green power strip, with numbers and letters above each connector.
  • You have to identify which outputs correspond to those of the open button, the ground, the bell or the sensor. Check if your intercom is in these tables. If it is, save this step and jump directly to “How to connect Raixer Mini to the internet”.
  • If can’t find it, it does not mean that your intercom is not compatible. You will need a multimeter to locate them. We explain you how to do it.

Find the output to GND

  • Connect the multimeter and activate the mode to measure DC voltage.
  • Connect the black wire to the COM terminal of the multimeter and the red wire to the VΩmA.
  • Test all possible combinations between the terminals of the intercom strip until the multimeter shows the highest positive voltage.
  • If the voltage is negative, invert the connection of the cables: connect the red where the black and the black where the red.
  • Connect the Raixer Mini GND output to the terminal where the black cable of the multimeter is connected.

Find the Sensor output​

  • Continue to measure DC voltage mode on the multimeter and do not disconnect the black wire.

  • Connect the red lead from the multimeter to each of the terminals on the intercom. It will show constant tension. If, when the doorbell button is pressed, the voltage differential varies markedly, that is the sensor terminal.

    You can connect output 2 of the Raixer device to any terminal, check the variation of voltage on the device configuration screen of the Raixer app when you press the bell. If the variation is noticeable, you will have found the terminal to connect output 2 of the Raixer device.

Find the outputs to NC and COM

The goal of these steps is to bypass the open button of your intercom. 

  • Connect the multimeter and activate the tester or beep mode and join the black and red cables, if the multimeter beeps, then it works correctly.
  • Find the terminals of the intercom terminal strip that correspond to the opening button plates.
  • Place the red or black wire in one of the terminals of the intercom and test on the rest of the boards until the multimeter beeps. Repeat this step with the other terminal.
  • Check that those two terminals are correct: connect the multimeter’s cables to those two boards and press the open button.
  • If the multimeter beeps, the connection will be correct.
  • If the multimeter does not beep, repeat the previous step until you find the correct boards
  • Connect the Raixer Mini’s NC and COM outputs to the two boards. The order of connection does not matter.

How to connect Raixer Mini
to the electric lock or door opener?

  • Recess the door frame to recess the electric opener.
  • Connect the wires from the electric opener to the power source, according to the electrical specifications of these parts.
  • Connect the electric lock to the Raixer Mini’s NC and COM outputs.
Abrepuertas eléctricos

How to calibrate Raixer Mini to use Auto Access?

Calibrating Raixer Mini correctly is necessary if you want to use the Auto Access function. Let the device know:

  • What is the voltage on the intercom when no one is ringing the bell.
  • What is the voltage when you ring the bell.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what amps or volts are. Self-calibration will guide you step by step so that you can configure it correctly.

  • Click on the Raixer Mini that you want to auto calibrate.
  • Go to Settings> Doors> Edit, click on the door you use for Auto Access, normally, it is the street door. Confirm.
  • Make sure the port you are configuring is the one the Raixer Mini is connected to. On the screnn “Connect your door” you will see a diagram of the device and an arrow indicating the port. These two must match.
  • Click on the Auto Calibrate button and follow the instructions in the app.

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