The Smart Lock
for remote door unlocking
and access control

6 access control methods

Auto access

Schedule time slots and whenever someone rings the doorbell, your Raixer will open the door. Users don’t need the app, nor internet, nor phone. This is the best option for the intercom.

Missed call

We assign a phone number to your door so you can authorize people to let them open the door with a missed call. They don’t need an app or the internet. The best option to open the entrance and your front door.


We generate a QR for each of your doors. When someone scans it with their phone, they will be able write a code to open it. You can authorize codes from the app and choose for how long they will be valid.


Allow other users to open the door using our app. This is the best option for maintenance staff or long-term guests. The app will be always available form their smartphones.

Web App

All the features that you have in your smartphone app are also available from your computer. The most comfortable option if you have to manage access to many doors.


Ask your voice assistant to open the door. Raixer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The best way to open the door to a friend when you do not want to get off the sofa.

How does it work?

Raixer connects doors to the Internet and allows you to control access to  a building and your house from the mobile phone. The advantage of using Raixer is that you can give temporary access permissions for your guests, employees or customers and they don’t need to download the app or to have the internet connection. In fact, they won’t even need a mobile phone to open the intercom. Isn’t that great?


Raixer is compatible with any intercom and any door.

Seguridad de Raixer


We use the SSL3 encryption algorithm to protect your digital key.

Easy to install

The installation is done inside the house without changing the lock cylinder.


Doors opened with Raixer

Who is Raixer for?

Anfitrión o gestor de vivienda vacacional


With Raixer Smart Lock you offer autonomous arrival 24/7 to your guests. They don’t even need the internet to open your apartment. What about the travelers’ register? Do not worry. It is covered.

Oficinas y coworking

Offices and coworkings

With Raixer you can manage access permissions for your employees and visits without cards or physical keys. Raixer API allows you to keep the member directory in sync and authorize third parties to open the office in 30 seconds.

Gerente de innovación en una compañia de real estate

Real Estate

With Raixer you can check what is happening in your real estate assets in real time. Control access to your property remotely and increase the liquidity of your business.

Abrir tu casa desde el móvil


With Raixer you can open your house to the carrier or the cleaning staff remotely. Learn how to receive packages at home... being in the office or anywhere else.

Install it in 3 steps


Think of Raixer as a hub that allows you to control your current electronic security lock through the internet. We do this by acting on an electric strike. That’s the piece that pushes the slip and opens the door. Also, if you add a piston, you will not only be able to open the door, but also close it with your mobile. The standard pistons hold up to 1,000 kilos of force and offer a level of security equivalent to throwing the key.

Don’t worry if the concepts “piston” or “electric strike” sound Chinese to you. Below you can find what they are. Hint: you can find them even in Leroy Merlin.

At the software level, the Raixer platform uses the most secure encryption methods when transmitting data. To prevent cyberattacks, all communications between the app and the backend are encrypted using SSL3 certificates. Also, the communications between the app and the backend are encrypted using SHA-256, a military encryption standard. Your digital keys will be secure.

Yes, nobody will notice that something is installed on your door. Also, since you keep your physical keys, nothing will be perceived outside. Inside, the only thing that will be appreciated is the device connected by cable to the telephone -to open the intercom with remote- and to the door.

Here you will not find compatibility tests with dozens of questions. The rule fits in a tweet: If your intercom or video door phone system has a physical button to open, then Raixer devices are compatible with it and you can open the intercom with your mobile.

No. The installation of the Raixer devices is done inside the house. It is enough to connect the smart lock to the intercom, so that no changes are made to the common areas and, therefore, you do not have to ask the neighboring community for permission.

You need to add some standard hardware parts: an electric door opener -if you only want to open remotely- and / or an electric piston -if you also want to close the door-.

Do you have any questions?

We are glad to be of service. Please do not hesitate to contact us!